A collection of random pictures, writings, galleries and thoughts.

Current Focus


Experiments are the greatest tool we have to learn. This site is one of the many test beds for my learning and content, details and even installations will change over time

Lake of the Clouds

A small lake in the clouds or otherwise known as the Porcupine Mountains in the UP of Michigan

Lone fisherman

As the day winds down this guy just wasn’t ready to pack it in. I don’t blame him.

Is this real?

There are times when I wonder about mother nature and how much magic she wields.

A little filter action

I’ve been monkeying with filters and editing, something very new for me

Dogs life

I want to come back as a dog or at least as a dog in this kind of life.

February 25, 2023


Its a slightly crazy person who can enjoy this kind of an afternoon

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February 24, 2023

Bohemia 2022

We’re back at it with this year’s Bohemia trip but this year we decided to camp first! Well why not? We threw the GFC Superlite on, strapped some Yakima Powder Hounds upside down and loaded up for 8 days of skiing in the Midwest with no less than 4 inches of fresh each day. Amazing […]

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February 24, 2023

Cycle trip around the lake

As all things fun and adventurous start this one did so over a burger and a beer while on a day ride with a buddy. “What do you think about taking a trip around Lake Michigan” he asks? And so began a 9 day trip that includes great stories, awesome memories, fantastic pictures and promises […]

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